Why you don’t work out.

It’s not because you’re lazy.

How many times have you told yourself “today, I’m going to the gym after work.”  And how many times do end up NOT going to the gym?  How many times has something happened when you had to work late, had an emergency with your kids, was too tired, or maybe traffic was too bad?  What’s the problem?  

Are you lazy?  Nope.  

Are you unmotivated?  Nope.  

Are any of your excuses as to why you couldn’t make it to the gym yesterday (and the couple hundred other times you told yourself you were going to begin working out regularly) valid?  Nope.


The problem is you just don’t like exercising that much.  You don’t like going to the gym.  And there’s NOTHING wrong with that.  But does that mean you will never be able to lose weight?  Not at all, you can still lose weight if you take the right approach.  


Be honest with yourself, what do you usually do after work?  

Come home, make dinner and watch television?  

Play with your kids?  

Do more work?  

Meet up with your friends?  

Read a book?  

Go online and watch videos, scroll through Facebook, or shop?  

Why do you do these things?  Either because you feel like you have to do them (the potential consequences of not doing them are worse than the pain you are required to endure by just doing them), or because enoy them.  And where does going to the gym fall?  It does not fall into either of these categories.

You probably feel like you should or maybe even have to go to the gym.  But what are the consequences of not going?  Sure you don’t lose weight, you get more toned, but does your life really change that much if you go to the gym one day, or if you just skip one more day?  Nope, it doesn’t.  You may want to lose weight, but your desire to lose weight has not yet exceeded your desire to not go to the gym.   


But what if I told you that if you don’t go to the gym tomorrow after work I would shoot you in the head?  Would you go to the gym then?  Of course you would!  Rain, shine, sleet, or snow, you drive through tornadoes and hurricanes to get to the gym if the alternative was getting a bullet to your head.  

So what changed?  All that changed was your mindset.  You began associating more pain to not going to the gym than going to the gym.  

Now am I suggesting you take this approach to getting yourself to exercise more?  Not necessarily, it’s not the primary approach I teach in Fat2Fit, but it is an option for some people.  We focus more on creating a positive mindset, but some people prefer the avoiding pain approach.  

What if you told youself that if you didn’t go to the gym after work tomorrow you would have to come home and eat a can of dog food?  Would that be enough pain to get you to work out?  

What if you gave your friend $100 and said that if you don’t work out tomorrow, your friend can keep the money, but if you do work out, you get it back?  Would you want to work out then?  


You’re not skipping the gym because you’re lazy.  You’re skipping the gym because there are activities you would rather do than go to the gym, and because there is not enough pain associated with skipping the gym to overcome the pain and resistance you’re feeling at the thought of going to the gym.  And one way to overcome this problem is to create a scenario of increasing the consequences of not working out so they exceed the discomfort you feel when you think about working out.  

Of course the next question is, once you are at the gym, what can you do to make working out more enjoyable for you?  We cover that and more in Fat2Fit - The Weight Loss Bootcamp.  It is not an exercise program, it is a mental boot camp designed to help you develop a more active lifestyle so that going to the gym no longer feels like something you have to do, but instead is something you want to do.  Think that’s impossible?  It’s not, not if you just change your mindset.

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