How do you lose belly fat?

It is NOT by doing more crunches

I hear this question so often I would be remiss not to write about it.  One of the most common questions I get from people who want to lose weight “How do I lose my belly fat?”  Now if you type this question into Google you are going get answers like:

  • Eat more protein


  • Eat less carbs


  • Eat less sugars


  • Drink less alcohol


  • Do more cardio


  • Do more crunches

(If you want to see what the top Google result was when I typed in "how to lose belly fat" you can click here, and you will see answers just like the ones I named above.) 

If you did all of these things, would they help you lose belly fat?  Probably.  But the problem is are you really going to do all of these things?  Probably not?  And why is that?  Because of your mindset.

99.9% of the population who is trying to lose weight and lose belly fat, if they’re honest with themselves, will be able to admit they’re not going to do any or all of these things long enough to lose their belly fat. And why is that?  Because NO one has that much will power or self-control.

The truth is your belly is not the problem, your lifestyle is.  You were not born with a beer gut or spare tire around your waist, you accumulated this fat through years of living a relatively physically inactive lifestyle.   Your belly is the result of your lifestyle.  To lose your belly, you need to improve your lifestyle.  To improve your lifestyle, you need to change your mindset.  

What foods you eat and how much or how little you exercise impacts how much your belly grows, shrinks, or stays the same.  This is part of your lifestyle.   

Why do some people exercise every day, while others never exercise at all?  It is not because the people who exercise every day have more time or less busy lives than those people who do not exercise at all, we each have the same 24 hours a day.  The difference can be found in how they think and feel about exercise (i.e., their mindsets).  

People who exercise regularly think and feel differently about exercise than people who do not exercise at all.  If you do not exercise at all it is probably because you don’t find exercise enjoyable.  Is exercise enjoyable?  It depends on who you ask, and they will answer based on their mindsets.  

If you do not exercise regularly it is because you think of exercise as being a task, a chore and something you have to do or something you should do, but not something you truly want to do.  Exercise, for most people who are out of shape, feels like work.  And when something feels like work, we will find excuses to avoid doing it.  

Think of like this.  Why do you go to your job?  For most people the answer is to get a paycheck.  With that mindset, your job feels like work - something you have to do and should do but not necessarily or usually something you want to do.  

Now why do you want to exercise?  For most people the answer is something along the lines of - to get in shape, so I don’t get fat, or to lose my belly fat.  In other words, exercise becomes a means to an end, no different from your job that you go to get a paycheck, both of which feel like work and you would like to avoid.  And the only way to break out of this pattern of avoidance is by changing your mindset.  

If you truly want to lose your belly fat, the fastest and most direct way to do this is to change your mindset when it comes to food and exercise.  Because when you think differently about food, you eat differently.  When you think differently about exercise, you exercise differently.  When you begin eating differently and begin exercising differently, your results naturally change and you lose your belly fat.  This is how The Weight Loss Mindset works.  

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