HaRu (me) - just having a little fun with a cropped image because you can't take life too seriously 🙂 - any real guru will tell you that.

What qualifications do you need to be a guru? 

There is no school of gurus, no university, no degrees, certifications, or diplomas that makes one a guru.  A guru is born through experience, personal, practical experience in dealing with matters of everyday living and putting them within context of the infinite universe.  

26 years of meditative practice, including deep studies into religion, spirituality, psychology, and the mind are part of what make me guru.  

Over 20,000 hours of applied meditation and study, in various meditative disciplines including silent, music-based, chanting, verbal trigger, writing, and movement meditation are part of what make me a guru.    

The hundreds of students who I have taught along the way, bringing them closer to Awakening themselves, are part of what make me a guru.

The best guru for you is the one you trust to tell you the truth even when the truth may be uncomfortable for you to hear.  

What can a Meditation Guru do for you?

A guru is someone whose purpose it is to show you the way.  A guru helps you to see things inside of you that you did not know were even there.

A guru is someone who began, no differently than you, who was struggling in their own life and went down the meditative path only to arise on the other side Awakened.  

A guru understands how the mind works and can help you understand how your own mind works, so that it no longer troubles you (or at least troubles you less), and teaches you how to find the peace and clarity you now seek. 

A good guru can reduce the length time and amount of effort it takes for you learn, can answer your questions, and can show you the way when you reach dead ends. 

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