Why you should never “try” to do anything

There is a time for dreaming and a time for doing, when you dream, dream, when you do, do.  

Do not however try and dream about doing something other than what you are doing while you are doing it.  

And do not try and do something other than dreaming while you dreaming about doing something different from what you are doing.  

To attempt to commingle dreaming and doing simply makes a mess of both and creates nothing but resistance.  It is this resistance that creates persistence. 

It requires you to try and do against the force of your dream to be doing something else, and it requires you to try and dream against the force of you doing something else, contradictory with your dream.  

Trying always makes a mess of things as it is neither dreaming nor doing, and produces nothing but exhaustion and unsatisfactory results producing feelings of frustration.  

To which absolve yourself of your feelings of frustration you resolve to “try harder,” which only confuses the situation and increases your own frustrations.  

The solution not to try harder, but in fact it is to not to try at all, but instead to simply do while you do and to dream while you dream.  

Put your mind to everything you are doing, or put your mind to everything you are dreaming.  But never TRY to do either because in your trying you frustrate both your attempts to dream as high as you can grow and your attempts to do the best that you can today.

You are capable of doing everything you dream about. But you will only ever have the opportunity to do that about which you dream if when you doing what you are doing today you are not also trying to dream of doing what you want to be doing tomorrow. 

Put your mind to everything you are doing, or put your mind to everything you are dreaming; but do not split your mind by trying to do both.