The Difficulty and Art of Letting Go of The Past

The journey to your dreams, to the life waiting ahead of you is impossible to take so long as you are holding on to the life that you want to leave behind you.

Letting go is the most difficult part of growth.

Imagine you are in the ocean, and you found a piece of driftwood to which you are clinging to for dear life. Now imagine I float up alongside of you, sans wood, and tell you that “if you simply let go of the wood your will float… but only if you remain still and do not thrash around trying to stay afloat.” What would you do?

Experience the freedom that comes with letting go.

Your heart tells you to let go, but is your head telling you?

Your head is filled with stories and images of people drowning, it is filled with tangible logic that you cannot simply float on water, and that if you let go, you will surely down. What would you do, would you be able to let go?

That is what it is like to try and let go of your past.

Letting go is not so easy.

What is the solution?

The solution is to let go.  Not to let go of your past, but to let go of the ignorance to which you cling that is causing you to hold on to the past in the first place. Your ignorance causes you to believe that that what you are holding on to is real to begin with.

You do not yet realize that there is a much easier way to stay afloat, to go with the current of the ocean rather than fighting it, and that all of the energy you are expending by trying to hold on is just being wasted. The easier route is simply letting go.

But why do you not let go? Why do you continue to cling to your ‘life,’ when I am showing you there is an easier way to live? You may think I float because I have a talent do you do not. You think that you and I are somehow different. And in one way you are correct, we are different, but our difference is simply that I have learned how to let go, and you continue to hold on.

The reason you do not let go is because you do not trust. You do not trust that if you let go, that life is going to do for you want you want. At least that is the reason you tell yourself.
But what is the real reason you continue to hold on? It is because you do not trust yourself. You fear if you let go, you will not do what you want. You fear losing what you have, even though what you have is not what you want. And so you hold on to it, and say “it is better than nothing.”

Is it really though? Is what you have really better than nothing?

Are you going to live forever? No.

Can you take any of this with you? No.

Then what is it exactly you are holding on to? Nothing.

You fear losing it, but what exactly is it that you fear losing?

If you fear losing yourself, ask yourself, “has holding on to the idea you have of yourself really gotten you everything you wanted?”

If you fear losing your belongings, fear no more because they are already lost. You cannot take them with you.

And even if you could take them with you after you have passed from this world, would you really want to?

Would you really want to relegate yourself in your next form of existence to being limited by what you have in this life?

Sometimes “losing it all” is in fact the greatest blessing you could ever receive, especially if holding on is your curse.

So then I ask you, what is it exactly you think you are actually holding on to?