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Fat2Fit - The Weight Loss Mindset

Read Below to see if Fat2Fit is right for you. 

Fat2Fit is NOT for everyone.  Just because you want to lose weight does not mean Fat2Fit is the right program for you.  Fat2Fit is for winners, it is for people who are tired of failing when it comes to losing weight.   

Fat2Fit is for you if you have tried to lose weight and failed, but you refuse to give up and you tired of making excuses that justify your failures.  There is a better body waiting for you, Fat2Fit is for you if you believe you deserve to have it.

Fat2Fit is right for you if...

  • If you are tired of blaming your circumstances (your job, your biology, your parents, your family history, or your obligations)  for you being overweight.  


  • If you are tired of blaming your lack of willpower or self-control for your seeming inability to lose weight.  


  • If you are tired of being out-of-shape or overweight and are tired making excuses to yourself and others why you can't lose weight. 


  • If you are tired of feeling insecure about your body.


  • If you are more interested in dropping weight and keeping it off, than just losing weight and gain it back again.


  • If you are tired of yo-yo dieting. 


  • If you want to change your lifestyle AND your body.


Fat2Fit is for you IF you are willing to accept 100% responsibility for your circumstances, for you being overweight.  This means no more b*tching, no more complaining, no more blaming, and no more excuses.  If you believe it is YOUR responsibility to lose the weight YOU gained, then Fat2Fit will work for you.  


If however, you think it’s McDonald’s fault, the government’s fault, your spouse’s fault, your job’s fault, your parents’ fault, or someone else’s fault for you being overweight, you are not yet ready to join Fat2Fit.  If you are willing to make excuses and blame other people for your problems, then you are not ready to lose weight.  

You should NOT join Fat2Fit if...

  • If you are looking for low-fat recipes on how to cook “healthier” meals, you should not join Fat2Fit.  

    Instead, just do a google search and you will find thousands of blogs with these types of recipes.  The real question is do you have the willpower to force yourself to cook and eat these 'healthy' meals every single day?  Eating healthy is great, but only if the the mindset that enables you to enjoy what you are eating.  


  • If you are looking for a short-term diet plan, you should not join Fat2Fit.  

    Changing your eating habits is a BIG part of the Fat2Fit program, but we believe that there is No one-size-fits-all nutrition plan when it comes to losing weight.

    You will have to change how you eat to lose weight. But instead of dictating an arbitrarily list of foods you should and should not eat, we empower you to choose for yourself what foods you want to continue eating and what foods you are willing to sacrifice to lose weight.  With Fat2Fit you redesign your eating habits in a way that is comfortable and enjoyable for YOU.

    With Fat2Fit you learn how to enjoy eating healthier foods more regularly by changing your mindset.

    Rather than trying to drastically change everything you eat and forcing you to eat bland “healthy” foods you do not enjoy of find satisfying that will require tremendous amounts of willpower and self-control for you to endure, we teach you how to make incremental, long-lasting improvements to your lifestyle.  

    Diets are for short-term weight loss that often result in long-term weight gain.  In Fat2Fit we enable you progressively drop more and more weight by focusing on incremental lifestyle changes to continuously build on top of one another.  

    Unlike traditional diet programs that rely on your willpower and self-control, in Fat2Fit making changes to your eating habits becomes easier and easier as time goes on enabling you sustain your weight loss.


  • If you are looking for an insane exercise boot camp, you should not join Fat2Fit.  

    Changing your exercise habits is a BIG part of the Fat2Fit program, but like your eating habits, we believe there is no one-size-fits-all exercise routine that works for everyone.  

    Instead of telling you that you need to run 5 miles a day and do 1000 push ups or something crazy like that, we teach you how to build a more active lifestyle that incorporates exercise into it.  You build an exercise routine based on where you are today and your goals for where you want to be tomorrow.  If you’re 25 years old and you want to drop 100 pounds, your exercise routine is going to be different than if you’re 40 years old and want to drop 20 pounds, or if you’re 60 years old and want to drop 15 pounds.  

    With Fat2Fit you learn how to change how you think and feel about exercise and how to make it Fun for you.

    There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to what exercises you can do to lose weight.  You can drop weight swimming, running, bicycling, walking, rollerblading, or even doing yoga.  What you choose to do is up to you.  What we teach you is how to change your mindset it make whatever exercise you want to do a more regular part of your lifestyle.  We teach you how to change how you think and feel about exercise, so it becomes easier and easier for you to exercise.  Even if you hate going to the gym or exercising right now, by changing your mindset and beliefs about exercise, you can actually get yourself to begin enjoying exercising.   


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