How the Game is Won or Lost in the MYnd

What is MYnd Over Body?

Why are you not yet rich?  If you blame the government or the economy for you being poor or not having enough money, what power do you have to change your circumstances?  None.  

To the extent you believe that your circumstances are outside of your control or influence, and that forces outside of you (such the government, the economy, your job, your boss, your education, your family history, etc.) are the reasons that you are not yet as rich and successful as you want to be, you make yourself into a victim.  You have rendered yourself powerless to change your circumstances.  And you will never become rich unless those same forces which you have chosen to believe dictate your level of financial abundance, somehow change direction and propel you forward instead of holding you back.  As a leaf falling from a tree, through your own disempowering beliefs, you are at the mercy of the autumn wind.  

Believing yourself to be at the mercy of circumstance, you are stuck.  If you try and take action to change your circumstances while simultaneously holding on to the belief that circumstances are holding you back, your actions will feel forced.  You will feel as if are swimming against the tides of your destiny, rather than going with the flow of life, and your actions will inevitably lead to failure and frustration.  

The forces you feel outside of you that seem to be holding you back, are actually coming from inside of you, within your own subconscious mind.  Subconsciously you are sabotaging your own success through holding on to your own disempowering beliefs that makeup your self-image.  No matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you work, you can never outperform your own self-image.  

There is nothing for you gain by blaming someone or something else for your problems.  All it does is make you feel like a victim.  The only person responsible for your happiness and success is you.   

When you change your attitude of mind, and are able to take responsibility for your results by blaming only yourself for your financial misfortunes, then you actually (and somewhat ironically) empower yourself to take new actions to change your results and make yourself rich.  Because if you believe that you have the power to create financial misfortune within your life that is preventing you from being rich, then so too must you  necessarily believe that have the power to create financial fortune within your life and become rich - because it is the same power, simply redirected through a changed mindset.  

MyndOverBody is about you escaping the cycle of failure and frustration in which you may now feel yourself to be trapped, powerless to escape.  By shifting your mindset, you can overcome your subconscious limitations and disempowering beliefs, and empower yourself to take the actions that are going to actually change your circumstances and change your life.  

It does not matter if you want to make more money, lose weight, travel the world, start a business, or find the love your life.  The game, every game you play, is won or lost in the mind.


What is Your Mind?

Are you lucky or unlucky?  Are you attractive or unattractive?  Are you rich or poor?  Are you healthy or unhealthy?  What is your favorite food?  What is it you like to do in your free time?  Do you enjoy exercising?  Are you an extrovert or an introvert?  Do you create your circumstances, or do your circumstances create you?  

Your mind is everything you believe to be true (and untrue) about yourself.  Your mind is how you feel about yourself at a deep, subconscious level.  Your mind dictates your relationship with the world in which you live, how you experience your life, and how empowered you feel to change your results and circumstances.  

Your mind at the most basic level is how you feel about you.  Let’s say your goal is to lose weight.  If you enjoy exercising, if you enjoy eating healthy foods, then you are going to feel like losing weight is easy.  You will make the decision to lose weight, and you are going to get up change your eating and exercise habits and you are going to be able to lose weight.  

If, however, you are like most people and you think losing weight is difficult or even impossible, that is exactly what you are going to experience (and this is exactly what most people experience).  You are going to find exercising to be tedious, and eating ‘healthy’ foods to be unsatisfying.  You are going to fail, not because you are unable to lose weight, but simply because you lack the mindset to do what is necessary to produce the result of losing weight.  

Is losing weight difficult or easy?  It depends on who you ask, and how they answer depends on their mindset.  The beauty of all of this is that you can change your mindset.  

When you change your mindset, you change how you feel about yourself.  When you change how you feel about yourself (your mindset), you change what you do.  When you change what you do, you change the results you are able to produce (how much money you make, how much weight you are able to lose, the quality of your life and relationships).  When you change your results, you then interpret these changed results through the lens of your mindset, which is then strengthened, which then starts the cycle all over again.  The key to changing anything, and the key to changing everything, is in changing your mindset.   

The Secret of Success is NOT to "Try Harder"

The secret to success is to not to simply “try harder” or “work harder.”  The history of the world is littered with the unfulfilled dreams of good people who tried hard and who worked very hard without ever achieving any measurable amount of success within their lives.

If you are unsuccessful, it is not because you have not tried your best, or that you do not work hard enough.  If you are reading this right now and you are unsuccessful, it is simply because your mindset does not yet mirror your aspirations.  

What is your dream?  You may dream of starting a business, losing weight, finding love, traveling the world, becoming rich, or inspiring and helping others, but you have not yet achieved your dreams… why is that?  

If you honestly believe in your heart of hearts that you have failed to achieve your dream because you have not yet “tried” hard enough or worked hard enough, then stop reading this and go try harder and go work harder, because until you do that and exhaust all of your excuses for failure, there is nothing more I can do for you if you truly believe it is your work ethic that is holding you back.   

If, however, you have tried your best, and you have still fallen short of achieveing your goal, something else must be the problem.  But what could it be?  If you feel as if you are swimming against the tides of your life in pursuit of your dream, your problem is not on the outside of you, it is within you.  There is something deep inside of you that is telling you that something else is the matter, something which cannot simply be learned from a book, it is this intuition that has brought you here today.  You have been missing a piece of the puzzle, and that piece lies deep within your mind.

Every game is won or lost in mind.  

Your problem is quite simply that you have not yet geared your mind so that you feel empowered to achieve the success you now desire, whatever it may be.  Your disempowering beliefs have been sabotaging your success, like a spy working for the enemy, you must root out this evil if ever you hope to succeed.  

Success always happens from the inside out, you must believe before you will ever achieve.   

What is Your Body?

When we are referring to your body, we are not just referring to your physical body, but are referring to everything your life you perceive as being outside of you (including but not limited to your physical body).  

When we are referring to your “body,” we are referring to the circumstances of your life.  Your circumstances may include your physical body (when you want to lose weight, or overcome a disease, such as cancer), but also include your job, your boss, your home, your income, your relationships (romantic and friendships, including the most important relationship you have, the one with yourself), your love life, your sex life, the environment, the economy, your habits, your family, how much you travel, etc.  

It is interesting when you think about how much of your every day experience you believe arises from a force outside of you.  When someone cuts you off in traffic, that was not your fault.  When your boss being a jerk or your partner is overreacting to something you said, you see these are people as being outside of you and who are causing you stress or distress.  When you are unable to lose weight or have a disease, it your body that is the problem.  When you are unable to earn more money, it is because of the economy, the government, your lack of education, your family, your children, or your bad luck.  The fault is never with you.  

The more you hold on the belief that causes you to experience the world as being something that arises outside of you, the more powerless, frustrated, angry, and anxious you are going to feel about your life and everyday existence.  

However, the more you are able and willing to take responsibility for that which happens in your life, including that which you once believed to arise from outside of you, the more empowered and control you are going to feel about your own life.  You will begin to experience what it feels like to actually feel alive, rather than feeling as if you are in a Newtonian billiards game in which the circumstances of your life are knocking you around.  

When you take responsibility for your life, and begin recognizing that everything you are experiencing is arising out of you (even if you do not yet consciously know how), you will begin feeling more empowered.  And when you begin feeling more empowered by recognizing that you somehow created your circumstances, you begin acting differently towards your circumstances.  Rather than complaining about your circumstances, rather than allowing them to dictate how you feel (getting angry, frustrated, upset, or anxious about your circumstances), you instead begin taking action to change them.  For example, rather than complaining about your job, you will simply find a new job or start that business you have been putting off, regardless of what the economy may seem to be.  And when you take this action and you change your circumstances, you will begin feeling even empowered, which then starts the cycle of abundance all over again.   

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