“How do I find love?”

I had a student tell me how he felt unloved in his life, and asked me how he could find love. To feel more loved, you need find reasons to love yourself. And then you will not have to find love, because love will find you.

How to find love by letting go of desire.

You have heard the old proverb: “If you love something set it free, and if it comes back to you, it’s yours. If it doesn’t it never was.” The same could be said for the very nature of love itself, if you truly want to experience love, let go of desire.

How I overcame my fear of commitment.

Have you ever been asked “Why are you still single?” I never had a good answer to that question, until now. The fear of commitment is nothing when compared to the pains of indecision.

VIDEO: The key to developing the patience that will put you in the top 3%

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, start a business, or achieve any other goal, patience is the key. But what is patience, and how do develop it? How do you maintain your patience long enough so that you can not only achieve but surpass your goal and truly set yourself apart from the crowd?

The Difficulty and Art of Letting Go of The Past

The journey to your dreams, to the life waiting ahead of you is impossible to take so long as you are holding on to the life that you want to leave behind you. Letting go is the most difficult part […]