How I changed my lifestyle, changed my mindset, and dropped 40 pounds of weight in less than 6 months 

I wasn't always happy-go-lucky. I wasn't always excited about life. I wasn't always in great shape or in great health.  There was a time not too long ago that I was overweight, out-of-shape, and struggling with both depression and with my weight.

Harish Ruchandani (HaRu) - how I look today

Now to be clear, I was not severely obese (though I was very close to being 'obese' on the body metric index (BMI) scale), but I was very overweight... and when I took my shirt off, it showed.  At 5'8" (172cm) of height, I weighed almost 200 pounds (90kg).

Like you and everyone else I knew, I struggled to lose weight for years before I ever succeeded.  I tried dieting, I failed. I tried exercising, I failed. I tried counting calories, I failed. I tried counting steps, I failed. I tried everything I could think to try.  And with everything I tried, I failed.   And for more than two years, I could not lose weight... and the worst part was, I couldn't understand what I was doing wrong. 

I was frustrated by my failures, embarrassed by my body, and I felt alone...  I wanted to cry (and actually did on a number of occasions), because I didn't know what to do.  Nothing was working, and for me losing weight meant everything.  

I thought to myself that is MY body.  I should be able to change MY body.  I thought that I could not even change my body (which is physically attached to me), how could I ever change anything else in my life?  How could I start a business?  How could I earn the millions of dollars of years I wanted?  How could I fall in love and get married?  How could I do anything?


I may have been smiling on the outside, but on the inside I was dying

On the outside I always put up a strong front because I didn't want anyone to pity me, not my friends, not my family, no one.  On the outside I was smiling, but on the inside I was dying.  Day-after-day, week-after-week, month-after-month, every time I looked in the mirror, every time I struggled to exercise, every time I gave in to my cravings, I died a little inside.  My life was a living hell, I needed to find a way out.  

The most frustrating part was that intellectually I knew what I should be doing to lose weight, but physically I just could not get myself to do it... and I didn't understand why.  I knew I should be exercising more.  I knew I should be eating healthier, more fruits and vegetables.  I knew I should be eating less ice cream, drinking less alcohol, and having less sweets, and fewer fried and processed foods.  

But what was I actually doing on a consistent basis?  Nothing.  I could not get myself to exercise regularly, eat healthy, or stop eating all the crap junk food I used to eat.  

Like most people, I thought I lacked the willpower and self-control to lose weight.  Like most people, I was wrong.  

And so like most people, I started making excuses for myself.  I told myself stories as to why I thought I wasn't acting on the knowledge that I had and why I couldn't lose weight. I used to tell myself things like:

  • I don't have enough time or energy to exercise
  • healthy foods are bland and boring
  • I'm not a model or athlete so I don't need to be in that great of shape
  • I thought I was too old to lose weight
  • I thought maybe it was my genetics or ethnicity holding me back.  

No matter how many excuses I told myself as to why I could not lose weight, on the inside, my desire to lose weight and live a healthier, more active lifestyle never went away... so no matter how many times I failed, I never really gave up on myself.    


Like most people, I thought I lacked the willpower and self-control to lose weight, but I was wrong

My problem was not that I lacked the willpower or self-control to lose weight.

I knew that my weight on the outside did not reflect who I knew I truly was on the inside.

My problem had nothing to do with stories and excuses I was telling myself as to why I could not lose weight.  These were just very logical excuses I used to get myself off the hook from feeling bad about being overweight.  

My real problem was that I lacked the necessary mindset to lose weight.  I lacked the mindset that other people had that enabled them to exercise regularly.  I lacked the mindset that other people had that enabled them to eat healthy.  I lacked the mindset that other people had that enable them to snack less or not at all.


How do you change your mindset to get yourself exercising regularly?

Exercising regularly is not a matter of exerting your willpower to do something you hate.  Instead exercising regularly is the result of you consciously focusing on what you enjoy about exercising.  And as you change your mindset and exercise becomes more enjoyable to you, exercising becomes part of your lifestyle and you begin exercising more regularly.  When exercising becomes part of your lifestyle, you look for reasons to do it, rather than reasons to avoid it.  But it is a mindset shift that creates your lifestyle shift that causes you to lose weight.  

When you change how you think about exercise, you change how you feel about exercise.  

And when you change how you feel about exercise, you begin to change how you act when it comes to exercise (you begin to exercise more).

And when you begin exercising more you begin losing weight and getting in shape.  And when you experience all of this for yourself, this reinforces how you feel about exercises, which causes you want to exercise more.  And this is the upward spiral of abundance that causes you to lose weight and get in shape... and it all begins with changing your mindset.  

When you change your mindset, you change your lifestyle, and when you change your lifestyle, you change your results and you lose weight.  If you want to lose weight, you need to change your lifestyle, if you want to change your lifestyle, you need to change your mindset.  

When I was struggling with my weight, I didn't realize all of this, I thought I lacked the willpower or self-control to lose weight.  And all I really knew is that I was frustrated and felt stuck.  But it was by shifting my focus that I was able to change my exercise habits, my eating habits, lose weight (and keep it off). 


How did I change my habits?

When I began exercising, I started small.  Rather than trying to exercise 7 days a week, I began with 1-2 days/week.  And did I immediately lose weight?  Nope.  But I was moving in the right direction because exercising (even 1-2 days /week) is better than not exercising at all... and that was good enough for me, I was focused on making progress.    

So I kept going, week-after-week, increasing just a little bit.  And within 2 months, I went from exercising 0 days per week (and hating it), to exercising 7 days per week (and actually enjoying exercising for the first time in my life).

What else did I do?  I started becoming aware of what I was eating.  Rather than just giving in to my cravings as I had done in the past, I started asking myself, "do I really want this?"  And if so, "is there any way I can make this healthier?"  And by doing this I slowly and steadily started changing the foods  I was eating.  

I didn't restrict what I ate, I did NOT diet. Instead I began consciously choosing what foods I wanted eat (and what foods I was willing to stop eating).  I also began consciously building habits of eating (and enjoying) healthier, more nutritious foods.  I used both my mind and my body to lose weight.  I consciously and progressively, step-by-step, began redesigning my lifestyle and reinforcing that with a new mindset, and the result was that I dropped more than 40 pounds in less than 6 months.  

It was all just very natural.  I did this for months, just making small adjustments and improvements in what I was doing and how I was thinking every week or even every couple of weeks.  


How my own struggles with losing weight became my greatest gift 

What happened is that my friends, who I had not seen in several months, were shocked when they saw me after my transformation.  

They began asking me "what did you do to lose so much weight?!"  I thought about it, and realized I didn't feel like I did  anything special.  I didn't diet, I wasn't part of some crazy exercise bootcamp, I wasn't counting calories, and I didn't believe in food restrictions... I just started changing my mentality, and using those mental shifts my habits and preferences changed naturally.

The most important lesson I learned about losing weight & getting in shape

And that was my 'lightbulb moment'.  That's when I realized I wanted to share what I learned with my friends and with as many other people as I could, and how the Body Transformation Experience.  

It took me almost 30 months of dedicated effort from that moment to deconstruct what I had done and to build the Body Transformation Experience.

I never intended to create a weight loss program, and luckily I still haven't.  The Body Transformation Experience is not a weight loss program, instead you learn how to make the mental shifts and lifestyle changes that are necessary for you to lose weight.  

I don't tell you what you should and should not eat.  Because diets don't work, and food should never be restricted.  Instead I teach you how to make better food decisions and how to change your relationship with food. I even teach you techniques, like The Nuke, in which I teach you how to use your mental focus and physiology to destroy junk food cravings.  

I also don't tell you that you need to 1000 push ups or run 6 miles a day to lose weight.  Instead, I teach you how to build an exercise routine that works for you, from the ground up that is consistent with your lifestyle and your goals. 

 I just wanted to lose weight because I wanted to feel good about myself.  It was only after my friends started pointing what I had done that teaching what I learned to others has become my mission, my passion, and literally my business.  I just want to share what I learned through my own struggles and success with losing weight, so that people like you don't have to struggle anymore.  

My goal is not to dominate the weight loss industry, but to eliminate the industry altogether, because there is NO REASON why anyone should ever have to struggle with their weight again after the Body Transformation Experience


Before (me weighing almost 200 pounds) - notice the fat face (you don't see the fat belly)

After (weighing 155 pounds) - having fun drinking a beer #norestrictions