How can you change your eating habits and lose weight without dieting?   

Learn how to change your eating habits without dieting.

The weight loss industry has misled you into believing that dieting is the best (and only) way to lose weight.  They lied to you.

Dieting sucks, that’s why we don’t endorse it here at Mynd Over Body, and don’t teach it in The Body Transformation Experience.  So that raises the question, what’s a better alternative to dieting?

Rather than giving you an arbitrary list of foods that you can and cannot eat if you want to lose weight, through BTE you learn how to cultivate a new lifestyle in which you are eating healthier, more nutritious, less processed foods.

Rather than restricting you from eating foods, you learn how to change your relationship with food.

When it comes to food and living your life, we don’t believe in rules, we don’t believe restrictions, and calorie counting is completely optional.

BTE is a lifestyle program, through which you learn how to achieve sustainable weight loss.  “Sustainable” is the key word here.  Because what good is losing weight, if you’re only going to gain it back again later.  So instead of dieting, you learn how to change your habits, change your preferences, destroy your cravings, shift your mindset, and change your life.  


How can you exercise more consistently without some insane exercise program? 

When it comes to exercise there is no one-size-fits all program, how you exercise at age 30 is going to be different from how you exercise at age 50.  Through BTE you change your relationship with exercising and learn how to build an exercise program from the ground up as part of both your lifestyle and your mindset.

Your current level of fitness or even your current level of enthusiasm (or lackthereof) towards exercise does not matter.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a couch potato, or a former or current athlete, it doesn’t matter if you enjoy exercising or hate it, with MOB you learn how to shift your mindset from the casual or non-exerciser to someone who exercises four, five, six, or event seven days per week.

Not only do you learn how to build a new exercise habit, but you also learn how to shift the focus of your mind to cultivate an enjoyment of exercise.  Because the truth is, the only you’re going to be able to drop weight and keep it off is if you retrain your mind to focus on what you enjoy about exercise opposed to what you dislike about it.

Any food or activity can be viewed as good or bad, pleasurable or distasteful, we teach you how to see the good in exercise and eating healthy.

BTE is not just designed to help you lose weight, BTE is designed to help you drop weight and keep it off for years to come.  We believe there is no virtue in losing weight, unless you’re able to keep it off.  The ONLY way you will be able to lose weight and keep it off is if you have the mental framework and lifestyle to maintain your new healthy and fit body.


Redesigning your lifestyle is the key to dropping weight

Do you feel like you need to change your lifestyle to lose weight or get in shape?

Notice, I said redesigning your lifestyle is key to dropping weight, not just losing weight.  The difference is that when you lose weight, you eventually put it back on again later.  When you drop weight, it’s gone… forever.

If you want to lose weight, just keep doing what you have been doing.  Continue trying to diet, continue trying to exercise, and continue trying to rely on your willpower and self-control to help you “lose weight.”  Because as you already know, when your willpower wears out (as it always does), you will find that weight again, as you always have.

However, if you want to drop weight, you need change your lifestyle.  But for you to change your lifestyle, you need you change your mindset.  Because the truth is you already know what you should be doing if you want to lose weight or get in shape.  You already know:

  • you should be eating healthier
  • you should be exercising more
  • you should be eating less junk food

The only question is, why have you not been doing it?  It is not because you lack the willpower or self-control, it is because you lack the mindset.  There is a big difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it

If you want to redesign your lifestyle…

  • you want to learn how get yourself to start eating healthier,
  • you want to learn how get yourself to start exercising more,
  • you want to learn how get yourself to start eating less junk food

…you need to change your mindset. For you to change your mindset, you need to understand…

  • why have you not been able to get yourself in the gym after work?
  • why do find eating healthy foods to be bland, boring, and unsatisfying?
  • why do you crave and eat junk food and snacks that you know are bad for you?
  • most importantly, how you can actually get yourself to begin doing these things: exercising more, eating healthier, and eating less junk food?

It is only by first understanding how you mind works and why you are not already doing these things that you can fix the problem and actually get yourself to begin doing these things (and enjoying them).  And not just temporarily to lose weight (for a couple of days or weeks) but permanently as a new lifestyle (for years and years to come).

Because when you understand how you mind works, you can get yourself to do anything and your life begins to open up in extraordinary ways you cannot now even begin to imagine.