Do you think if you exercised more often, it would be easier for you to lose weight?  Of course it would!  So why don't you do it?  It's not because you don't know already that exercise is good for you. 

The only reason you don't exercise more often is because of how you think and feel about exercise (your mindset).  But you don't tell this to yourself, instead you make up excuses that you tell yourself like - I'm too busy, I don't have enough time, I don't have the energy, it's inconvenient, or I'll start next week - to justify you not exercising today.  But the truth is, you simply don't have an exercise mindset.   

Do you think if you enjoyed exercising as much as you enjoyed going on vacation, you would exercise more often? Of course you would!  This type of mental change is possible, but you need to change your mindset.

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